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Poster Competition - For Middle & High School Students 2023

Batas pendaftaran :

11 November 2023

Babak penyisihan :


Pengumuman juara :

Jenis kompetisi :

24 November 2023

Seni / Bakat

Tentang Event

The Student poster competition in the framework of the 38th Anniversary of Bhakta is a forum that can accommodate and hone student creativity in creating poster information media to communicate a message, both in the context of persuading social, cultural and educational messages as well as promoting products in the form of goods and services.

Persyaratan event

Poster Theme

Please choose one of the following poster themes:

  • Innovation in Health

  • Health Access for All

  • Healthy Society, Developed Country

The following are the registration requirements for the poster competition

  1. The poster competition is open to all middle school and high school students from domestic and foreign schools.

  2. Competition is individual.

  3. Registration fee is free.

  4. Participants create posters by following these guidelines:

[Poster Competition Rules]

Schedule of Activities

Cara Pendaftaran

Following are the registration procedures for the poster competition:

  1. Post this competition poster on your personal Instagram feed. Download the competition poster at the following link: [Download Poster]

  2. Fill out the registration form at the following link, and upload the required documents:

    • Photo/scan of each member's Student Card (maximum 5mb jpeg format) *required

      • If you don't have a student card, you can replace it with another document that shows you are an active student at the school, for example a report card, KHS, certificate, etc.

    • Selfie photo (all members if group) free style (maximum 1mb jpeg format)

    • Screenshot is proof that you have posted this competition poster on your personal Instagram feed.

    • Screenshot of proof of following IIK Bhakta's IG and Youtube accounts (maximum 1mb jpeg format)

    • Poster JPEG file (maximum jpeg format 5mb)

  3. Make sure you have uploaded your poster work on your personal Instagram in accordance with the provisions for making posters.

Please fill out the registration form at the following link:

[Registration Form]


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